Technology Risk & Advisory Services


NNCA provides assessment and attestation services to help companies understand and manage business risks related to technology in the Transformative Age.

Business and technology are converging rapidly. With technology becoming the business of every company, understanding information technology (IT) risk is becoming more important.

The ability to understand these risks and bridge the knowledge gap that often exists between business and IT is the core strength of NNCA. The work of NNCA professionals help decision-makers to attain confidence by understanding risk and embedding trust.

Businesses depend on their technology like never before, and this dependence is ever-increasing. We help our clients to ensure that their systems deliver the maximum business benefits, while minimizing the inherent risks.

As businesses become more dependent on their ever-growing operational data, there becomes an intrinsic need to organize this information and make it easily accessible. Our enterprise management systems correlate key business areas including accounting, sales, project management, human resources, payroll, and customer relationship management for an unparalleled top-down view of the organization as a whole.

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