Business & Financial Advisory Services

Financial advisory services are needed in every organization to deal with complex business problems.

Audit & Assurance Services

Assurance services are audit activities that provide an independent, objective assessment of financial statements or compliance efforts.

Technology Risk & Advisory Services

Business and technology are converging rapidly. With technology becoming the business of every company, understanding information technology (IT) risk is becoming more important.

Transaction Services

A transaction service typically refers to a third party service provided by a professional services firm when a business transaction takes place. An example of a business transaction would be a merger or acquisition of a company.

Risk & Advisory Services

Risk is a persistent and pervasive aspect of business today, and to address it successfully you need a team that offers more than risk advisory expertise alone.

Business Valuation

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner's interest in a business.


Expect the Extraordinary


Business in UAE?

The UAE has the most liberal trade regime in the Gulf. Companies from all over the world are shifting base to UAE and opening offshore companies here. Today the UAE is home to many startups and multi-million dollar conglomerates..


Assistance To Expatriates

The expatriates of the multinational companies located in our country face the challenge to change their residence for tax purposes.


Tax Advisory Services

Corporate and personal tax compliance, tax planning and consulting, cross border structuring of investments and transactions for maximum tax efficiency, Value Added and Goods and Services Tax planning and compliance.


Accounting Software Solutions

To succeed at running your business -- or even to know if you're succeeding -- you need accounting software. Accounting software allows you to monitor the financial health of your business.


Corporate Finance

If your business requires additional financing for expansion or capital investment, we are able to provide access to our extensive network of banking and financing contacts


Company Liquidation

Liquidation is the winding up of a firm by selling off its free (un-pledged) assets to convert them into cash to pay the firm's unsecured creditors.


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